An Extreme Calling – “Beat Back the Bladder” – EPISODE 2 | Horace Mann Insurance

(Announcer) Although inspired by true incidents and responses provided by real teachers, the following work is purely fictional and comedic in nature. No teachers were harmed in the making of this video. (Wolfe Kanine) Hello. I’m Wolfe Kanine. Join me and a group of dedicated school teachers as they train to enhance the skills they need to succeed in a career that can only be described as a true calling. To survive this calling, check your normal bladders at the door because it’s gonna take a turbo-bladder to contain the endless cups of coffee, iced coffee, tea, and herbal tea normally contained between the scant 1 or 2 bathroom breaks you get in your calling. Now it’s time to see who has what it takes to beat back the bladder.

Ladies and gentlemen, begin the liquid ingestion process! They’ll need bladders of steel to make it through a day in their extreme career. (Coach) You think you’re tough? You try holding it in for that long without crying! (Wolfe Kanine) It’s been 6 hours since your last potty break, so keep using the techniques we practiced…the crossing leg squeeze, the elliptical eye cross… (Mrs. Diaz) I think I held it in longer than I ever have, ever. (Mrs. Mead) To hear a water faucet is excruciating. (Wolfe Kanine) Congratulations! Now that you’ve completed the grueling beat back the bladder challenge, you’re all now prepared for the hold-it-in rigors of your extreme career.

You’re now free to pee! With their reinforced bladders-of-steel, these school teachers can skip the bathroom on the way to the classroom. Sponsored by Horace Mann…the teachers’ insurance company that goes to extremes to protect today and secure tomorrow, for those who have answered… [bird call]…the call..

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