Why you need Rideshare Insurance – GEICO

What you need to know about ridesharing insurance. GEICO ridesharing insurance is a hybrid policy. Why? Because when you’re driving for personal use, all you need is your personal auto insurance. But, when you’re using your car to work for a rideshare company, you need something more. That’s where GEICO ridesharing insurance comes in. The good news is that it’s easy to convert your personal auto policy into a ridesharing policy. How does it work? Very simply. When the app is on, your policy’s on too. No passengers yet? No problem. Your policy is still working alongside you.

Got passengers? Great! Your coverage is still on the clock whether the passengers are in your car or not. And when it’s quitting time, yup, we’re with you then too. Through every stage of your journey, GEICO ridesharing insurance has your back. GEICO Rideshare. Coverage that fills in the gaps..

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